Who Are These Kids?

The broad categories that create the highest risk can be demonstrated in the acronym O.R.P.H.A.N.S.

O. Orphans and Social Orphans
     Social orphans are those kids who have been 
     removed from their families because of severe or
     repeated abuse, neglect or exploitation. They are 
     now wards of the state and need families.

R. Refugee children and their families fleeing from the
     conflict zones. 4.4 million people have been 
     displaced because of the war in Ukraine . . . almost
     2 million of these are children.

P. Poverty striken and underprivileged kids.

H. Human Trafficking victims and kids targeted by

A. Abused children - physically, emotionally and sexually.

N. Neglected children - kids who are suffering because
     they have been left to fend for themselves without
     supervision, shelter or provision.

S. Street children - homeless and runaway kids who roam
     the streets and cities trying to survive.

Children that fall into multiple life and situational categories are vulnerable to illness, trauma, hopelessness and exploitation that will permanently damage or hinder them from reaching their full potential. These kids are "AT-RISK" of being lost forever if people like you and organizations like ours don't partner together to rescue them before it's too late.

Our teams, programs, facilities and partnerships address all of the needs of these children in various ways. Your choice to join us could save a life and change the future for an entire generation of kids who are waiting for you.

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