Hear stories from our trip participants
Hear stories from the kids

"Mission 823 is dedicated to the children of Ukraine. They want to ensure that children are not abused and know that someone cares about them and loves them. This is a fabulous non-profit we totally support." - Mike and Kat P.

"A mission filled with the one true kind of love, the love of Jesus and it is committed to helping the children of Ukraine one heart at a time." - Jamie B.

"I just got back from a mission trip in the Ukraine, what a blessing it was serving along side of Mission 823. I'm looking forward to coming back next year, and continuing to give to this amazing Missionary!! I was blessed by this camp, and was able to see first hand 50+ kids accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!! Mission 823 continue to be a blessing to the country of the Ukraine, and bringing these kid's into a relationship with Jesus. The kids and your ministry will always be in my prayers!!"
- Tom G.

"My team and I just returned from serving with Mission 823. Words can not even begin to describe the love, commitment, and integrity we witnessed. Thank you Shawn and your entire team for so selflessly devoting your life to rescuing and defending the vulnerable Ukrainian youth. God bless you all. You ARE making a difference." - Allison B.