Family Homes

adoption and guardianship

Smile House - Kyiv, Ukraine, a partner-project with Manna Worldwide

State-run institutional orphanages and boarding schools for abused, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children were created in crisis response to disintegrating families during the Soviet era in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Shattered by conflict, economic depression, persecutions and resulting desperation, families were destroyed by alcohol and drugs, criminal activity, domestic violence, incarceration and suicide.

The proposed solution, massive warehouses for children, rapidly deteriorated. These crumbling facilities were severely understaffed, underfunded and barely maintained.

Frustrated workers and unsupervised children soon slipped into a hopeless abyss, hidden from the view of the rest of the world. These are the forgotten children.

We believe that children were created by God to be raised in healthy homes with loving families. Our three-pronged approach to restoring these forgotten children is to:

1. Build trusting relationships with children in crisis and begin to understand their personal suffering.

2. Create Family Homes where trained, licensed and certified parents bring healing to traumatized children. Then we are able to lovingly and patiently restore them to physical, spiritual and emotional health through adoption and guardianship.

3. Provide a higher level of education that is critical for these children to excel and find their greatest potential to compete in the marketplace.

These family homes are filling quickly and there is a constant need to build new facilities and train new house parents. Abused, neglected and orphaned children have been hidden away in institutions or huddling on the street far too long. Partner with us to help expand our capabilities by creating more homes with loving families where these children can find hope again!