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IAM823 Art Project

Artists have a very special power of influence that changes culture and society for the better. While the world is quarantined and we are secluded, we have a unique opportunity to create and make a difference in the world without ever leaving the security of our homes.

Mission 823 continues their work with traumatized kids in Ukraine in spite of these challenging circumstances. We are issuing a CALL TO ARTISTS to create a work of art that represents your heart/mind expression about kids who are suffering.



We encourage you to spend some time browsing our website, watching the videos and exploring our social media pages to learn their stories and create a work that becomes their voice. Positive and negative, anguish and hope, pain and joy, suffering and redemption, exploitation and justice . . . these are all topics that cry out from children who have been brutalized.

Help us tell their story . . . create, donate and ship us the original work. We will digitize each piece for sale of future prints and host an auction Summer 2020 to raise funds for these precious kids through Mission 823. Thank you in advance for your gift to these kids. Share this project, invite others to join you, pray for inspiration and let your heart pour onto canvas.

Register below and send any questions to Shawn at:

Call to artists