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Your investment can save and change the lives of the forgotten and vulnerable. Learn how your financial contributions can help these children escape tragedy and live a fulfilled life in a loving and supportive family.

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Join us on one of our trips and meet these kids face to face. We have many opportunities to serve as camp counselors, helpers, teachers, medical professionals, construction workers and so much more! Click below for more information or to register for a trip!

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Multiply our efforts by using your passion, skills and networks to become a voice for the voiceless. Set up a fundraiser, organize an event or introduce Mission 823 to influencers. Help us tell the story - we can't do this without you!

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become a buzzword that everybody knows, but few truly understand. Eastern Europe has one of the highest amounts of trafficking victims in the world. Mission 823 is committed to defend, rescue and restore these children of modern-day slavery.

What We Do

Care for At-Risk Children

At-risk children fall into many categories and are vulnerable to illness, trauma, hopelessness and exploitation that will damage or hinder them from reaching their full potential. Our goal at Mission 823 is to enable an entire generation to escape this trap and lead a happy and successful life.

Mission 823
Mission 823

Family Homes

Abused, neglected and orphaned children have been hidden away in crumbling institutions or huddling in the street far too long. Help us continue to create homes with loving families where these children can be restored to physical, spiritual
and emotional health.

Mission 823
Mission 823

Youth Camps

Our youth camps provide a place of healing for traumatized children. We are able to teach them life and coping skills that help them to overcome daily stresses. We teach kids to be kids again, so they can thrive and develop towards a healthy future.

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Every year, an estimated 15,000 children will age out of the system and be evicted from orphanages all over Ukraine.

60% of the girls will enter into prostitution.

70% of the boys will turn to crime to survive.

10% of these children will commit suicide.

What happens to orphans when they leave the orphanage?

An additional 120,000+ children live in the city streets.

Another 2,000,000+ children are refugees from the war zone.

All of these children are at high-risk and with limited opportunities, they become targets of human traffickers.